Starting Over

May 17, 2019

Hello everyone!

I’m back! Sorry if you’ve stopped by and found the page missing. The website crashed and I lost everything. It’s taken a bit but I’m up and running again.

In the mean time, we’ve welcomed a new family member! Our newest member of the family is little Isabella whom we were overjoyed to welcome less than two weeks ago.

I’ve been working on a few projects here. In the last couple months, I’ve made: two throws for Cookie and Amanda; a bunny lovey, 2 knitted baby hats, a crocheted baby hat, a crocheted baby dress, a crocheted baby blanket, 2 pairs of crocheted baby booties, and a crocheted octopus all for little Isa; a crocheted baby blanket and a crocheted hat for one of Alex’s friends who is expecting; and a hat for myself. I’ll post pictures and links over the next few days.

I’ve got several more still in the works as well. Still on the hooks (or needles, as the case may be) are: another throw, a shawl, three cowls (don’t judge! I have a thing for cowls!), a pair of socks, a hat for someone I work with, a pair of arm warmers for Cookie, and a pair of arm warmers for Alex.

Some of my WIPS (Works in Progress in case you don’t know the abbreviation) have been in time out for a long time because, well, I got bored. Some will stay there a bit longer as well because they are being worked on DPN’s (Double Pointed Needles) and that’s just more than I can work on with a newborn who is pretty consistently on my lap at this time. I’m too worried I’ll poke her with the needles! I can handle circulars or even straight needles but not DPN’s.

And then there are the planned items that I’m not even going to go into right now! I promise you that saying I have so many planned that I’ll never get them all done is probably a real thing. I’m trying my best to deplete my yarn stash. Considering I’ve inherited a lot of it, I’m pretty sure a fair amount is older than I am! I’ve got yarn so old, I’m pretty sure that my grandmother inherited it from her mother! And I’ve got my grandmothers, mothers, and my own.

What are some good patterns to use up yarn? Hit me up! (Maybe you’ll be on the receiving end of a throw!)

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