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November 22, 2020


2020 has thrown us all for a loop, hasn’t it?

It’s almost Thanksgiving here in the US and a lot of us have been working from home for about eight months now. That in itself is mind-boggling. Especially when I consider how often I asked my previous employer to work from home when my Apple was born. There were always reasons why it wasn’t possible. Then, when this virus hit, they sent everyone home in just a few days. By then, I’d already been gone for almost six months though.

That’s right! I made a job change late last year. I started as a Field Service Analyst in October 2019. By April I was promoted to Field Service Technician Level 1. And October this year, I was promoted again to Field Service Technician Level 2. All this to say that I work in I.T. now. I must say I love what I do now. And my co-workers are great, too.

For the first ten months, I was the only woman in the office. Not that I’m complaining mind you. Working with all guys has its’ benefits. There is significantly less drama and backbiting, in my opinion. There were a few times that the guys tried my patience. But, everyone has the ability to irritate or annoy people and, until you learn what buttons you really shouldn’t push, chances are you are going to by accident. They have learned what buttons they can safely push and which ones they don’t want to push lol.

I tested positive for covid back in October. I managed to not get anyone else sick, thankfully. No one from work tested positive and no one at home did either. I’m feeling better but I still get tired easily. It took a little over a month but the cough is almost completely gone. I only cough sometimes when I go for a run.

I’ve done a fair bit of knitting and crocheting. I finished a blanket for a friend. And I finished several hats for her as well since she started chemo. I got sick however and didn’t meet my personal goal of getting her a new hat for each chemo treatment, but she understood, ’cause, well, covid. Anyway, I also made a hats for a couple of the younger kids. I made blankets for Blue & Apple while I was quarantined. And arm warmers for Cookie. And I’ve made a couple hats for other people. I have also sewn approximately 250 masks since March.

So, what does the remainder of the year hold?

Well, I finished my fall quarter and I’ll make Dean’s list again. Winter quarter starts in early December and my plan is to take JavaScript II and Linux OSI. And maybe an Excel class.

At work we are at 50%. So, I work one week on, one week off. Unless some one on the other team tests positive for covid. If that happens, our team steps in and runs the place until their quarantine time is done. (This is what happened when I got my entire team quarantined.) I’m also taking an ITIL certification course through work. That happens the last week of November/first week of December.

As for knitting and crochet projects, I’m working on “December Hat” for a co-worker right now. And, a pair of arm warmers for Alex (that have been in time out for the better part of a year). A shawl that has been in time out for about three and a half years. A shawl for a former co-worker’s wife that I just get bored with so it’s been sitting on my desk for months. (I’m horrible about that. I start something because it’s something easy I won’t need to focus on and then I lose interest because it’s something I don’t need to focus on!) I have a blanket started for my cousin shortly after Blue was born. (Sorry cuz! I’ll finish it, I promise!) And a scarf I’m designing for Amanda. And more things planned that aren’t started yet. A friend of Alex’s is expecting a little girl, so baby things must be made! And I think every child of mine is wanting arm warmers so there are six more sets of those to be made, five and a half if you count the one I already finished for Alex. OH! And I’m participating in Marly Bird’s Turkey Trot Mystery Make Along this year. Join me! (I went and picked out a beautiful blue called Denim from Lion Brand’s Pound of Love. And because I’m a glutton for punishment, I also got this pretty purple variegated called Grape Jelly by Yarnspirations Caron Big Cakes. I haven’t decided which one I will crochet and which one I will knit yet. If you want to make recommendations, please comment below! And feel free to send me baby blanket patterns, booties, hats, etc. for the baby girl I mentioned!

We’ll see how much I get done lol. I’m thinking anything I get done between now and Christmas for the kids, might just become Christmas presents!

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