I’ve been asked a couple times what we did for Valentine’s Day and my answer, “Nothing.” has surprised & shocked some people.

My husband and I did not go out for Valentine’s Day.

Instead, my honey, Dibuja, Mario, Smokey, & GF left for Denver after work last night. They’ll get to spend some time with the grands before coming back on Monday. Dad hasn’t been home to see his folks in at least a year, so this is a nice little get away for him, even if he is taking some of the kids.

I spent Valentine’s Day here, with the rest of the kids and my folks, watching Mythbusters on Netflix while snuggling Cookie.

Yes, we spent Valentine’s Day apart, with the exception of an hour or so before work & an hour or so after work. No, this is not a problem for us. We will go out for dinner sometime next week to spend time together but not on Valentine’s Day.

After all there will be fewer crowds and the wait staff will less stressed. We won’t have to wait for a table or make a reservation 6 months in advance.

In the end, it’s only a big deal to miss Valentine’s Day if you make it a big deal. We love each other. We know we love each other. We spend time together every week making sure that each of us knows that the other one loves us. So, it’s not a big deal.

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