This Past Weekend

We had a big weekend! Cookie has figured out the forward crawling thing. (She’s had the backwards scoot down pat for a while.) So now Banana is really going to have to be on her toes!

On Saturday, Banana, Cookie, and I went to a presentation at the Sarpy County Museum about the history of the Sarpy County Sheriffs Department. It was really very interesting… what I got to hear! Little Cookie, who has previously been so quiet in public, decided that she needed to make her presence known to all! So I took to walking the exhibits with her so that othersĀ  could hear.

And Sunday, I made up my own recipe for Cherry Vanilla Bread. It’s a quick bread like banana bread but with dried cherries. I’ll post that recipe in a day or two.

But as usual, Monday morning came around way too quickly. I didn’t get all that I wanted to get done completed. But there’s always next weekend I suppose.

What didn’t I get done?

I didn’t dye my hair (for the 3rd month in a row).

I didn’t get all the laundry done (for about the 16th YEAR in a row).

I didn’t get to try out more recipes.

I didn’t get to make up another recipe that I have in mind (Chocolate Cherry Bread).

And, most importantly, I didn’t win the Powerball!!! (Of all the things I didn’t get do, this is by far the worst! lol)

Oh, well. Like I said, there’s always next weekend!

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