The Union for Contemporary Art

The Union for Contemporary Art

The Union for Contemporary Art is a uniquely amazing place founded by my friend Brigitte McQueen Shew. This amazing organization lives in this unassuming little building with a yellow front door.

I met Brigitte and was introduced to The Union in 2012 while I was working the Great Plains Theatre Conference. My friends, Jake, Elly, & I painted over an old mural (think 1980’s with some of the people having the tall Bobby Brown hair) so that a new mural might be painted. The brilliant local artist, Wanda Ewing, then came in and painted the new mural which we used as a backdrop for a show that was done at the Union.

The Union for Contemporary Art is a small, non-profit organization that is dedicated to using art as a way to bring about social change and directly support local artists.

They offer six month studio fellowships to artists which offer studio space, monetary compensation for supplies, among other benefits. In exchange, the artists pay it forward with community service.

The Union also offers many community programs including mentorship programs for youth, programs for children and their parents, the North Omaha Tool Library, the Abundance Garden Project, and neighborhood clean up days.

This great organization is, of course, always in need of money. And they would be more than pleased to accept your donations. But they also have a wish list of equipment and services that they would love to have filled. You can find it here.

Please, please donate to this amazing, sensational, effulgent, and completely worthwhile organization. They’ll appreciate it. I’ll appreciate it. The community will appreciate it. (No to mention, you’ll just feel good.)

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