Shot day!

Poor Cookie got her 2 month shots today. I took the day off work. (Jalapeno has reactions to some immunizations, so, just in case, I felt it was better for me to be home today.)

They have started combining so many immunizations. Not that I’m complaining, fewer pokes is a good thing.

But holy cow! She got 3 shots and an oral vaccine. But she was vaccinated against 8 things. One shot had 5 vaccines in it.

And they no longer give polio vaccines orally. That’s built into a shot now.

And they also don’t want you to give them acetaminophen. They prefer to let them run a fever because they have discovered that babies develop a better immunity to the diseases when they run a fever.

Even in just a few years, things change so much!

Also, in better news, Cookie bear seemed to really like our family doctor. She was making good eye contact and cooing at him almost the entire time.

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