Do you ever feel like you’re just pretending to be an adult?

I’ve been feeling that way lately. Yes, I have a job, pay bills, take care of my kids.

But at times, deep down, I still feel like I’m the most immature person and question why on earth people trust me with anything much less the lives of precious little children.

I guess it doesn’t help that I work in an industry where people pretend all the time, although I am on the other side of the industry. (i.e. I don’t act; I work backstage.)

I love video games, and goofing off, and playing on the computer. And I can hardly wait for Elder Scrolls Online to come out next month.

But I guess I do have some rather adult hobbies, too. I love reading (especially mystery novels), crocheting & trying to knit, sewing, cooking (sometimes), writing this blog, writing a novel of my own (or at least researching to write one), genealogy and history in general.

But I still feel like someone, somewhere made a mistake and someone, one day, is going to realize it and take away my “You are an Adult” card.

Anyone else feel this way even once in a blue moon?

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