My battle

So I got on the scale on September 14th and was faced with an unpleasant truth. I now weighed more than I ever have, even when I was pregnant. I’m too vain to give you the exact number on the scale, but suffice it to say, it actually made me concerned for my health.

Therefore, starting the 14th, I started keeping track of what I eat and on the 16th, I started walking. So far this month I have accumulated almost 17 1/2 miles. I’m still slow. My fastest speed yet is 3.8 miles an hour or about a 16 minute mile. I’m not setting any time records but I’m doing it. I’m hoping to walk 80 miles by New Years. That’s my short term goal.

I’ve lost 8 lbs so far and I’m pretty happy about that. But the best part is I’m actually feeling stronger and I’m already not as winded when I walk. I can get to the top of the stairs in my house without breathing hard. I’m really happy about that!

So, in an effort to keep me going, I’m making this public. While giving me crap still isn’t ok, helpful encouragement is appreciated.

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