Meet the Family – Pookie

Meet the Family – Pookie
Say “Hello!” to my little Pookie! She’s 6 years old now and in first grade. This picture was taken at her Christmas party at school last year. Sorry it’s fuzzy but she was super excited about the cookie she had just decorated.
She’s is definitely a girly girl when it come to clothes and her favorite colors but she’s rapidly becoming less so and has been swiping Mario’s clothing to wear to school. So one day she’ll wear a frilly white or pink dress and the next she’ll be wearing jeans and a Angry Birds t-shirt.
But, she HATES dolls. That’s capitalized for a reason. She absolutely abhors dolls. She’s never liked them, never played with them, and, she wants me to tell you, she never will!
But she loves her baby sister, Cookie, although, I think it took Cookie arriving for her to believe that babies aren’t born knowing how to walk, talk and play.
She has the most beautiful curly hair and is smart as a whip. She enjoys video games as much as her older brothers especially Luigi’s Dark Mansion, which she got for Christmas.
Her favorite thing is to watch My Little Pony videos or Ihascupquake videos until she runs my phone battery until the phone shuts off.
“Hi Pookie!”

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