Meet the Family – Mom

Meet the Family – Mom
So, last member of the family is me! I’m Mom. 
This is a picture taken a couple years ago by Dad for the program of a couple shows I was working on at the time. He’s really the only person that takes decent pictures of me, I think.
I work in the theatre industry in many ways. I’m a stage manager, assistant production coordinator, a lighting tech, sound board operator, light board operator, and backstage tech. I’ve worked at the largest community playhouse in the US, one of the last free Shakespeare festivals in the US, and one of the largest (Top 5) children’s theaters in the US. If you want info on theatre tech, shoot me an email, a tweet, or a private message. I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.
I like to write. I am an expert crocheter and a beginner knitter. I enjoy sketching, drawing, doodling, and painting but I have no delusions about my talent there (It is mediocre at best.) 
I am a dedicated book lover and reader. At any one time there is a huge stack of books that I am reading on my dresser. I tend to read multiple books at one time (and yes, I can keep the story lines straight).
You’ll find little bit of all of these coming up I am sure.
Well, anyway, that’s me. Welcome to my blog & I look forward to getting to know you all!

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