Meet the Family – Mario

Meet the Family – Mario
Meet my 10 year old, Mario! 
Yes, that is actually a mohawk. It’s longer by now, this was about a year and a half ago. He’s had a mohawk, by his request, since he was four. He doesn’t wear it up everyday. The days that I do fix it up, it takes longer for me to do his hair than I spend on mine! Needless to say, I only do it up a few times a year.
I’ve called him Mario because of his passion for Super Mario games. He received a bunch of Mario games for Christmas (and gets very annoyed when he can’t beat a level right off!). He’s also the one that will plug in the old Nintendo 64 to play Super Mario.
He’s in the fourth grade at his school and he’s an excellent student. He’s also a member of a group a students at his school that work with a particular student with special needs. Obviously, I won’t give any more details about that student, but he’s a good friend to them and is, most importantly, a good person.
His first concert was Ozzy at the age of seven. Slash opened. (He had a better mohawk than some of the adults that were there!) Yes, I took him. He didn’t have school the next day and we had a great time. He is totally my kid 🙂
Say “Hi!” to Mario!

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