Meet the Family – Jalapeno

Meet the Family – Jalapeno

This is my 12 year old Jalapeno! I had other, better, more close-up pictures. But I wanted to show the bond between Jalapeno and Pookie. They have always been close. (And I hope they always will be.)

This was taken at a friend’s daughter’s birthday party. They were sitting next to each other and the next thing we knew, she was sitting on his lap.

Jalapeno started middle school this year and has been taking the bus on his own rather than having Banana take him. He’s enjoying his independence except when the wind chills are -20 degrees. Then, waiting for the bus sucks!

He enjoys playing Minecraft with his friends and was Steve (a character from the game) last Halloween. His other passion is penguins. Don’t ask me why, but he LOVES penguins. Stuffed penguins, penguin Christmas ornaments, penguin pictures and videos, he loves them all.

My Jalapeno says, “Hi!”

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