Meet the Family – Dad

Meet the Family – Dad

Ok everyone, only two people left to meet; Dad & I! So, here is my honey, the love of my life. He’s in Denver right now visiting his parents and even though he’s only been gone 16 hours, I miss him a lot.

He’s a USMC veteran and was active duty when we met and were married, 20 1/2 years ago (nearly).

Dad is a gamer through and through. He runs Transcendere Gaming and plays more games that I can keep track of really. But the ones he’s been playing a lot recently are The Elder Scrolls Online (along with me & several of the kids; we all got beta invites), Day Z, Battlefield 4, Arma 3, and Altis Life.

He loves Mexican food, Chinese food, remote control cars and helicopters, and spoiling me rotten.

I’m forgetting something… what am I forgetting?… Oh, yeah! He, too, loves the Broncos! (The picture is kind of a clue, huh?)

He and I make a great team. We do that thing that people who haven’t been together forever find really annoying; the whole reading each others minds bit. Ok, maybe not reading each others minds literally, but we know each other well enough to know exactly what the other one thinks on most (99%) of subjects, so it seems that way.

He’s my sweetie. And I can’t wait until he’s home again! I love you baby!

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