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My favorite book for a really long time has been the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Which is actually not a trilogy, because it was written by J.R.R. Tolkien as one epic tale that was published in three volumes due to a paper shortage during WWII. And my copy is in one giant volume. So I’m going to count them as one book.

I read these books for the first time when I was in the sixth grade. I found it in my middle school library and eagerly devoured it. I have read it over and over again throughout the years. In fact, I’m feeling like it’s about time to start it again for the 15th time. (Since I originally wrote this, I have begun to read it again.)

Why this book is my favorite is hard to pin down. Sometimes there are books that just speak to you and this one speaks to me. Whether it’s the intermingling of characters and races, or the witty banter (especially between Gimli & Legolas), or just the antics of Merry & Pippin, there is just something about that book.

I recommend this book to everyone who likes to read but hasn’t read them even if you have seen the movies. There is so much that the movies, even the extended versions had to leave out just because if they didn’t, the movies would have each been another hour or more longer than they already were.

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