Elder Scrolls Online

Ok, so I’m about to geek out. If you aren’t into video games, my sincere apologies. But I sincerely request that you give this one a shot.

It doesn’t come out until April 4th but I’ve been participating in beta tests for it for a little while now.

It is awesome! I’ve beta tested and played quite a few MMORPG’s before and this one is right up there.

It has first person as well as third person playing views. (I prefer third person for the most part.)

There are only four classes but the skill trees make up for it. You can wield a sword, or a bow, or a staff no matter what class you sign up as. And any race can wear any armor or wield any weapon.

There are also morphing abilities. When a skill reaches rank 5 (and I think every 5 ranks thereafter) you have the option of morphing that ability into a new, stronger ability. Even summoned familiars can be morphed.

The quests are interesting and not the usual “go kill 10 rats.” There is some of the typical, “go kill skeletons” but they are disguising it a little more with a bit of “investigate the temple.” In other words, the writing of the script is better than I’ve seen in a while. Also, the voice overs are extraordinary.

The fights are more interesting, too. You won’t be able to just hit your hot-keys. You’ll have to actually use strategy against some of the antagonists.

The crafting is more interesting than most of the MMORPG’s I’ve played, too. Even Dad likes it and, generally speaking, he hates crafting.

Please, give it a shot. And send me a message with your character name & we can group up and go questing!

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