August 15

I’ve been writing some posts lately that haven’t made it onto the blog. I’ve been debating with myself whether or not to post them.

You see, I grew up in Georgia, in the deep southwest part of the state. And offending someone (or confrontation, in general) is still very high on my list of things I’d rather not do, even though I left almost 21 years ago and I’ve been away longer than I lived there.

I have no problem offending people I don’t know, like the people trying to sell you crap in Times Square or the j@ck@$$e$ who yell obscene things about women’s bodies as they walk down the street. Those strangers I have no problem ripping a new one.

But the people that I know and I genuinely like, that I just happen to disagree with on some things, I worry about offending. I also worry about offending people I see on a daily basis, like the people with whom I work. So, typically, I tend to keep my mouth shut.

But the internet is a beast of a different color. So much of what we say, is seen by more people than we expect. I really didn’t think that anyone was reading the blog. But I’ve had quite a few people tell me that they look forward to it & they always go read whatever I’ve written when it pops up that I’ve posted something new.

So lately, I’ve been debating with myself whether or not I should actually post some of the things that I’ve written.

And I’m sure that this debate is not over yet.

So feel free to weigh in. Add a new voice to the debate. Maybe you’ll persuade me to post those articles after all.