I’ve been debating for a couple days now on how to begin this blog. I have a couple stories that I wanted to tell before life flows on and I forget them. And it seems to me that the appropriate one to start with is the one I’ve been wanting to tell about my DH of 20 years since our story as a family starts with him, too.

We had our little Cookie’s first doctor appointment last week, just to make sure she was growing well. He had trouble sleeping the night before, but he got up to drive us anyway.

We were waiting for the doctor to come in & she was fussing, as babies sometimes do.

I was doing the mama thing and rocking and murmuring to her and she calmed down a bit. He had been watching me comfort her & his words meant more to me that I will ever be able to express. He said, “You amaze me.” At my puzzled look, he continued, “You’re such a good mother. You have a strength that I don’t understand.”

I can’t explain why or how, but he always knows just what to say to me to take my breath away, to chase away the tears, to give me strength. Just when I need it most, he says exactly what I need to hear even when I don’t know what I need to hear. He is my rock. He is my life. And I love him.

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