Comparing Parenting Styles

Comparing Parenting Styles

It was suggested that I write a post about how my parenting compares to my parents since they keep my little Cookie all day, and Pookie, Mario, & Jalapeno when they get home from school.

But I really don’t think that it’s a fair comparison really.

We know so much more about some things now than they did then. And we have so many more gadgets to make our lives easier now.

For example, the little sling that fits in the baby bathtub to hold a newborn securely while you bath them. And we know not to put a baby to sleep on their stomach. (In their generations defense, the doctors of the time told them that was the safest way for babies to sleep. There has been so much more research done since then.)

They also did not have car seats like we do now. My parents had a car bed that I slept in. The bed fastened down, but the baby did not. Picture this without the wheels:

Regardless, my mom is up to date on all the new baby safety measures. She knows not to lay the baby on her tummy to sleep but to give her tummy time so that she has practice keeping her head up.
She knows to always, always put Cookie in her car seat and not to take her out until the car is in park, no matter how much she screams. (She does NOT like the car seat. If you have any suggestions for that, let me know!)
And Banana knows not to give her cows milk, or honey, or even baby food yet. She trusts that I’m doing what’s best for Cookie and I trust she’ll listen to the “new-fangled” ideas that we “young whippersnappers” have now about how to raise kids. (And, no, she doesn’t really talk like that!) 
We both trust each other and that’s important when we both love the kiddos so much.

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