Ok, so this post was originally going to be about difficult burpers because until a few days ago, Cookie was a very, VERY difficult burper.

My doctor showed me how to do something that I call “around the world” when Cookie was 2 weeks old. You basically sit the baby up, and rotate the babies upper body around in a circle gently. You do this a few times and then proceed to burp the baby. (Sorry for not describing it well!) Genius!

This is amazing! There were times where she would burp before I had finished two rotations! It was so amazing! (It doesn’t work every time but it increased how often I was able to get her to burp by about three times!)

We haven’t really needed to do this the last few days because she has suddenly decided that burping is a good thing and she does it readily.

My favorite burps are the ones that are so loud you would not believe that it came out of such a little person if you weren’t the one burping her!

(My least favorite are the ones that involve massive amounts of spit up, like everyone else I expect!)

Anyway, if you have a difficult burper, give it a try! (And if you can’t figure out what the heck I’m talking about, let me know & I’ll try to explain it a little better or maybe post a video.)

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