So, yesterday was a book day for me.

First of all, Papaya goes to the library every couple of Saturday’s. Yesterday, was that day. I asked him to see if they had a copy of the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Well, he got a little overwhelmed with all the books about Benjamin Franklin. Instead, he brought me this other book on Benjamin Franklin. Considering it is the second book that comes up when you search Amazon for Benjamin Franklin and it’s a New York Times Best Seller, I’m hoping it will be a good book.

I’ll have to get the Autobiography on my kindle app on my phone and give it a try that way.

Also, my dear hubby took me out last night. We went and had dinner at our favorite restaurant in town, Thai Pepper. It’s this little mom & pop place in a strip mall that is run by two Thai grandmothers. We love the place. We figured out last night that we have been going there for almost 9 years now. The waiter knows us by name. He knows what we order and doesn’t bother bringing us menus anymore. The grandmothers come over to greet us and ask how we are. If you go, try the Thai Pepper Chicken (Dad’s favorite) or the Red Curry Chicken (my favorite). And tell the waiter Lec, we said hi!

Anyway, after dinner, we went over to Barnes & Noble for a little book browsing. Well, being the bibliophile that I am, and the fact that he spoils me rotten, browsing turned to buying. I got a book on Tolkien Trivia, a book on reading body language, City of Dark Magic, The Witch of Little Italy, Aunt Dimity & the Family (I LOVE this series!), The Ultimate Diet Planner, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing a Novel, & Now Write Mysteries. And all but two were on the clearance racks! Score!

I’ve already finished the Tolkien trivia, but I guess I’d better give that Benjamin Franklin book a go before I dive into the rest… maybe not! I’ll let you know what I think!

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