Best Laid Plans

As the saying goes, “The best laid plan of mice and men often go awry.” (And yes, I know that’s not the original saying.)

I had all these plans of posts outlined and my editorial calendar planned out. And I think I planned too much to do. Because I simply didn’t have the time. Plans are great, but if you’re working full time with a house full of kids, chances are you don’t have as much free time as you think you do. I quickly figured out that my grand plans and expectations were a bit unrealistic.

Every day off that I had, I had activities planned with no consideration for what else might be going on in my life that day. Sick kids, errands, just preferring to sit and knit or crochet made my plans unreasonable. So I’ll try again.

But I think I’ll spread out my posts more. Maybe start with one a week. So I’ll be back and I’ll see you all soon!

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