Training so Far

Well I’ve gone out a handful of times. I’ve walked a total of 3 1/2 miles and rode my new bike 1.44 miles. Typically with one or more kids in tow.

Realistically, they slow me down with them wanting to hunt Pokemon and go to Poke-stops but I enjoy the company and the chatter.

But let me tell you, when you take 4 kids with you, the chatter gets to be a bit much! Jalapeno & his GF, Pookie & Mario all went on a 2 mile walk with me and oh my goodness(!) the chatter! lol

If I could get Apple to ride in the jogging stroller, I’d gladly take him though. He doesn’t chatter!

Also, on that same long walk with the 4 kiddos, I got a bug in my eye! Man does that hurt! I’m considering safety glasses just for walks at sunset now.

On today’s schedule: Walk for 30 minutes.

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