Homemade Pizzas

Are your kids like mine? Obsessed with junk food? Specifically pizzas, tacos, and hamburgers?

I have discovered at least that mine like the homemade versions of these better than the fast food versions.

That means that I can sneak in a little more nutrition when they aren’t looking at least!

We hadn’t made homemade pizzas in a while so I decided to make those yesterday on what was probably one of my busiest days off ever. Not my best idea ever I’ll grant.

But I had found a pizza crust recipe that I wanted to try out, so in between an eye doctor appointment for myself (the first in 15 years!) and Mario’s & Pookie’s parent teacher conferences, I made up a double batch of pizza dough & left it to proof on the kitchen counter covered with a clean towel while we went to those conferences. It doubled beautifully and was ready to go when we came home.


A coupleĀ things that the author of that blog failed to mention and I had to do a little digging to find is:

#1. Poke the pizza crusts with a fork, otherwise they puff up like pita bread. (And I still forgot to do this with the first batch!)

#2. Pre-bake the crusts with no toppings for 8 minutes at 375 degrees.

I had some assorted toppings: mozzarella cheese (of course), pepperoni, green pepper, white onion, pineapple, sliced black olives, and jalapenos (fresh, not pickled!).

We made individual pizzas so that everyone could have exactly what they wanted.

Cookie just wanted the green pepper. She didn’t even want the crust lol. She just kept snagging pieces of the pepper out of the bowl! But I did make her one with pepperoni, green pepper, & pineapple. She picked off some of the toppings and left the rest.

Everyone else loved the crust though! The double recipe made enough for 14 individual pizza crusts.

And a few things that occurred to me after the fact:

#1. Don’t wear a black shirt when rolling out pizza dough.

#2. Use a little bit of olive oil spread on the tops of the crusts when prebaking so that they brown a little better.

#3. And next, I want to try making my own pizza sauce!


Seriously some of the best crust we’ve ever made! I really encourage you to go give it a try!

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