Most Beautiful Women in the World

You want to see the most beautiful women in the world??


Go to any local grocery store between 6 and 7 am on the day of an elementary school field trip.

Specifically, go to the aisle where the Lunchables reside.

There you will find them.

Some of them in pajamas, some of them dressed completely, some dressed but wearing slippers.

Notice I did not say these were the most prepared women, or the most put together women.

(Those women have prepared ahead of time, hand made a disposable, completely organic bento box full of goodies for their perfect angels.)

But let’s go back to the Lunchable aisle.

Look at their faces. The love they have for their children just oozes from them.

They have rushed to the store in the early hours of the morning because they have forgotten about the field trip until that morning (or the night before when they were already in their pajamas, in bed, after putting their kids in bed for the night, nursing their youngest) but they are determined not to let their munchkin(s) down.

I’m not saying the mothers who have it all together don’t love their children but the very real women who make mistakes and forget about things and still get up early to run to the store still need to know this: You are the most beautiful women in the world simply because of the love you have for your children and your desire to put them before yourself even if it means that you have to lose that extra hour or half hour of sleep that you so desperately want and need.

Which one am I? The totally put together woman with the disposable bento box full of yummy goodness or the one standing in the Lunchable aisle at 6:30 am looking for her sons favorite nacho Lunchable that he only gets for field trips?

I’ve been both… minus the organic part because those weren’t readily available when I actually had it together that one time…

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