Maternity Leave

I have to go back to work next week. In less than 7 days, I am expected to hand off my precious, tiny baby boy and walk away for what amounts to 12 hours a day, 4 days a week.


My heart is breaking. I don’t know how I did this the last time but oh my goodness it is SO hard. Just knowing it’s less than a week away is soul crushing.


My chest hurts. I am 2 seconds away from an ugly cry at any point right now. Just looking at his tiny face sleeping so peacefully is torture because I know in less than a week, he will be screaming for his mama, and his mama won’t be able to hear him and won’t come. And he will be so confused. Mama has always appeared when he cried. Why doesn’t mama come?


And there was the ugly cry. Complete with worried kids asking why I’m crying, and the 2 year old saying, “Don’t cry, mama.”

The US is at the bottom of the list when it comes to maternity leave. Estonia & Hungary both have almost 2 years if not more of PAID maternity leave!

Granted my 6 weeks of paid maternity leave this time around is a lot better than what I had when Cookie was born. If I wanted to get paid, I had to work from home for the entire 6 weeks.

But come on, Senators, Representatives, can’t we do better for our youngest citizens and their emotionally tormented parents?

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