OK, so confession. I am a horrible dresser. I have no idea about any of this stuff.

I don’t know what shape I am. Triangle, rectangle, square, apple, pear, peach?
I don’t know what season I am. (Is that still a thing?)
I don’t know if I’m a warm or a cool.

And don’t ask me what shape face I have either. No idea.

I don’t know what colors look good on me. Nor do i know what colors look good together so my mix and match ability is pretty much nil.
I don’t know what shapes look good on me.

Here’s what I do know:
I have roseacea so my face is always red. So, I don’t think I look good in pink or red so I don’t wear it.
I am not a tiny woman, so I don’t wear horizontal stripes because my grandma always said they make you look wider.
I don’t really like floral prints. Or any prints, really. Or plaids. Or dots. (Although I am getting better with the latter three)

Anything mustard colored is probably a no.

No cheetah. No zebra. No giraffe.

I don’t wear ruffles or bows.

I don’t like skirts that are right in the middle of your shin either. Maxi skirt or knee skimming, please. But I really prefer pants.

And I prefer flats to heels. And when it comes to Crocs, just NO!! lol

Anyone want to play dress up and help me figure this out?

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