Black History Month – Day 2

Today, I’m appreciating the work of Jerry Lawson, the first African American game developer! Mr. Lawson helped to develop the Fairchild Channel F, of which I had, honestly, never heard. But it turns out that the Fairchild Channel F was the first home video game system with interchangeable games. Meaning that it was around before

Black History Month – Day 1

I have decided to put out posts recognizing African Americans from all walks of life in honor of Black History Month. Today I wanted to honor African American pilots. In my research, I found that there is a new face among the early minority pilots. Per a Smithsonian article, “The Unrecognized First,” Emory C. Malik

February 2015 Update

I’m: Reading… Groundbreaking Food Gardens Playing…Not much lately, new job is limiting my play time. Mostly some Match 3 FB games Watching… Still Big Bang Theory! “Why is your tongue blue?” lol Trying… To convince Cookie that it is time for bed Cooking…Pinto Bean Stew (The dumplings weren’t that great but I made the stew on my