13 Kids & Counting "Not all who wander are lost." J.R.R. Tolkien


January 23

The cold gray mists of the early morning
Descended over the stark blank slate
Of winter trees.

Streetlights have not yet shut off
The morning is still and close
Not even the neighborhood dogs
Are breaking the silence.

The mist grows heavier
Droplets are forming
The streets are slick with moisture
A lone dog breaks the silence but quickly

The cold snow has not yet begun
But hangs in the air


January 11

OK, so confession. I am a horrible dresser. I have no idea about any of this stuff.

I don’t know what shape I am. Triangle, rectangle, square, apple, pear, peach?
I don’t know what season I am. (Is that still a thing?)
I don’t know if I’m a warm or a cool.

And don’t ask me what shape face I have either. No idea.

I don’t know what colors look good on me. Nor do i know what colors look good together so my mix and match ability is pretty much nil.
I don’t know what shapes look good on me.

Here’s what I do know:
I have roseacea so my face is always red. So, I don’t think I look good in pink or red so I don’t wear it.
I am not a tiny woman, so I don’t wear horizontal stripes because my grandma always said they make you look wider.
I don’t really like floral prints. Or any prints, really. Or plaids. Or dots. (Although I am getting better with the latter three)

Anything mustard colored is probably a no.

No cheetah. No zebra. No giraffe.

I don’t wear ruffles or bows.

I don’t like skirts that are right in the middle of your shin either. Maxi skirt or knee skimming, please. But I really prefer pants.

And I prefer flats to heels. And when it comes to Crocs, just NO!! lol

Anyone want to play dress up and help me figure this out?

And Then There Were Two…

January 8

Two Marines that is!

My oldest two sons, known here as Dibuja and Slim have now both graduated from boot camp and are officially United States Marines just like their Dad & Papa!

I am so very proud of both of them and I know this is only the beginning of a great life ahead of them.

Slim was able to make it home for the holidays and Dibuja will be home for Valentines day (approximately) before heading off to his duty station.

So I’m now venturing into the realm of cool looking and amazing care packages!

Send me your favorites for inspiration!

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